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Bio: Theresa DiMartino and her six-year-old son Jordan live in their home in Burien with a feeling of considerable relief. They wouldn’t still be there without ACORN. DiMartino has lived in Seattle or Burien her whole life; she graduated from Sealth High School, in fact. In 1979 she moved to Burien, which she loves. A co-worker referred her to ACORN when they were commiserating on their difficulties with their home payments, both having experienced breaks in longstanding relationships. Hearing that ACORN might be able to help her with her mortgage crisis, DiMartino wasted no time contacting the office. The contact was timed to mesh with ACORN’s offensive against predatory home lenders, and with ACORN’s help, DiMartino managed to reduce her interest rate from nearly 9% to 5.2%.
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