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Bio: 28-year-old Sgt. Camilo Mejía is a former member of the Florida National Guard and was one of the first Iraq War veterans to refuse to fight and become a conscientious objector. He was charged with desertion and sentenced to one year in prison for refusing to return to fight in Iraq. Sgt. Mejía became the new face of the anti-war movement in early 2004 when he applied for a discharge from the Army as a conscientious objector. After serving in the Army for nearly nine years, he became the first known Iraq veteran to refuse to fight, citing moral concerns about the war and occupation. His principled stand helped to rally the growing opposition and embolden his fellow soldiers. Despite widespread public support and an all-star legal team, Sgt. Mejía was eventually convicted of desertion by a military court and sentenced to a year in prison, prompting Amnesty International to declare him a prisoner of conscience. Now released after serving almost nine months, the celebrated soldier-turned-pacifist tells his own story in a newly released book, Road from Ar Ramidi: The Private Rebellion of Staff Sergeant Mejía, from his upbringing in Central America and his experience as a working-class immigrant in the United States to his service in Iraq and time in prison.

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