Take Back America 2008

Session: Buiding a Youth Coalition
2008 is the first year in which the Millennial generation has asserted its powerful voice. The youth vote, of those aged 18 to 30, has already played a huge role in the 2008 elections. Young people have helped fuel certain candidates and derail others, forcing all campaigns to revise their strategies and their messages. As the political power of our generation grows and is recognized, increasing numbers of individuals and organizations will step forward and claim to speak on our behalf.
What issues are of the most importance to young people? Can we speak of a coherent youth voice? What are the divides between students and non-students, white communities and communities of color, and lines of geography and class? This panel will feature organizations representing grassroots memberships, and discuss what issues unite young people. The right constellation of issues will be able to build on the energy generated by the elections and continue the fight for the progressive causes. Those that are important to young people, at least.
Session Details
Speakers: Nate Loewentheil

Date: Tuesday, March 18, 2008
4:15 PM - 5:15 PM
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Track: Self-Organizing Session
Location: Room Two
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